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RSR Nürburg

Business management system of an international sports and racecar rental company. The system allows the administrators to manage the garage, bookings and more while visitors can rent a car for an unforgettable day on the race track.


This unique race car reservation system allows you to rent a car for a test drive or register for a race on arguably the most famous and the most challenging Nürburgring track.

Shakesnack Sushi

An online shop of a popular sushi restaurant chain in Vilnius. It allows visitors to order food quickly and conveniently at home from the nearest restaurant, while administrators enjoy a unique order management system and integration with couriers.


A business management system made for easier training and exercise planning to automate and facilitate many daily processes that were mostly done manually.


A colourful representative website with integrated room reservation and booking system, which allows you to personalize the rooms according to your wishes.


Representative website of a company providing construction services for private and commercial buildings. This neat and modern design website presents customer services, provides examples of work and invites you to contact them using the contact forms.


An e-shop for the Russian market with advanced coupon application functionality. This site sells one product – a food supplement for men. This is a great example of a single product e-shop.


This e-shop of a pharmaceutical manufacturer is intended for pan-European markets. There are as many as 9 separate systems in this e-shop, which are operated by branches in different European countries. Systems in different countries have different payment and delivery methods.


Representative website for antiviral and preventive medicine. This site is full of information on clinical trials, viruses, the effects of the drug and how to buy this drug. This colorful and eye-catching website is available in 5 languages.


An e-shop of exclusive design, which sells smartphones and their accessories. A simple but effective website with a convenient filtering and search engine allows the client to present their services and digitize their phone and accessories store business.

Sermatrop Alfa

A representative website for food supplements for men. This website is intended for the Russian market and complies with the restrictions set forth in the russian medicine advertising laws. There is also the option to leave a review of the medication, which must be approved by the administrator.


Bright, playful and colorful, but no less convenient representative website of the “Krokodiliukas” (Crocodile) school of acrobatics, where you can easily find all the most important information about services and trainings.


This grocery e-shop is designed to represent a company providing HoReCa services, to simplify and facilitate the process of ordering goods for existing customers and to create an opportunity to attract new customers.


It is an e-shop selling orthopedic splints, inserts and footwear. The quality of these products was also assessed by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. It goes without saying that quality products require a quality e-shop.


The e-shop of quality haberdashery products was launched in 2012 and in a short time has earned a place in a particularly competitive online space where you can buy goods from famous manufacturers.

Energy Green

Representative website and electronic product catalog of a company engaged in engineering LED lighting solutions with an individually adapted product catalog import, filtering and search system.

SDDS Interjerai

The representative website of „SDDS interjerai“, an interior design company created by Sigitas and Rita Danieliai, located in the Lithuanian seaside, is designed to introduce services and a personal gallery of design works.

Rojaus Daržas

Paradise Garden is a place where you can find tips and services for a happy, healthy and fun lifestyle. We created a website that matched their corporate style, with a blog and an e-shop.


The e-shop is designed to move the boutique “Provincialė”, which has been operating and inspiring its French spirit for 15 years to the online space. In the store you will find gourmet perfumes, home fragrances, original jewelry, porcelain, crystals and more.


Dermamay is an e-shop for the foreign market-oriented skin care product line, which is dominated by minimalist, uncluttered and product-oriented website design.

Tango Reklama

A representative website for Tango Reklama – a group providing radio advertising and production, which represents such lithuanian radio stations as: Radiocentras, RUSRADIO LT, ZIP FM, Relax FM, ROCK FM.

Glow In The Dark

This is a great example of when a customer needs something non-standard and unique. The dark background, bright moving details, color-changing and eye-catching design elements perfectly convey the venue for teen parties.


The e-shop of the company which has been operating for more than a decade and is engaged in the import and sale of high-quality lingerie in the Baltic States, stands out with its classic and refined design.


Astrameda is a company that sells medical supplies and equipment since 1993. Astrameda’s e-shop’s design and functionality of have been designed while maintaining the workmanship and corporate style that has been created over many years.

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